The utility token for all decentralized cat apps.

No pre-sale, no giveaways. Just a 50/50 Burn + Pool method to create the most decentralized cat token. Use PurrCoin for any cat related app or charity you'd like to run on the Ethereum blockchain.


Highly Decentralized

Community Driven


Highly Secure

Uses Audited OpenZeppelin ERC-20 Contract



Rule. Dogs Drool.


Use PurrCoin as a means of exchange. Its a great purr-ency!


PurrCoin implements the ERC-20 Token Standard. Use it in any project.


Its a highly decentralized token and purr-fect for voting rights!


Project Roadmap

PurrCoin will work through the following phases.

  • 1

    Decentralized Utility Token

    Create the most diverse, secure and decentralized utility token for cats.

  • 2

    Token Management

    Create a native mobile app experience for managing your PurrCoin.

  • 3

    Decentralized Apps

    Facilitate the creation and distribution of decentralized apps that use PurrCoin at it's core.

  • 4

    Decentralized Marketing

    Design and implement a decentralized marketing platform for the entire social media presence. Put this power in the hands of the Purr!